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Christopher Evans Unique Engagement Rings

Unique engagement rings from Christopher Evans Goldsmiths

Are you looking to surprise your gorgeous girlfriend with an incredible engagement ring? Instead of doing as many others have done, get a unique ring that will delight your partner beyond words. Gone are the days where diamonds were the preferred rocks when it came to engagement rings. Girls all over the world are increasingly shifting to colored gemstones and rare rocks as their top choices. Popular trendsetters such as Halle Berry are continually sporting emerald engagement rings, with Kate Middleton adorning a royal blue sapphire. You can get unique engagement rings only at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths.
About our wide selection of engagement rings

Unique Engagement Rings
Unlike the past, uniqueness is a major factor to consider when buying jewellery of any kind. A colorful statement ring is exactly what you need to delight your loved one. At Chris Evans, you’ll get unique, bespoke pieces that are delicately hand-crafted to meet your specific desires. We have a dedicated team of goldsmiths who are extremely creative. In case you need a pair of unique engagement rings designed and crafted for you, simply talk to us and share your ideas. Our amazing goldsmiths will quickly turn your vision into reality within no time.
We have the finest selection of gems and precious metals in existence. This allows us to create unique pieces for all our esteemed clients. Not a single piece is identical with another. When you visit us at our main workshop in Poynton, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke piece that’s individual to you. Many individuals have contacted us seeking to get unique engagement rings for their spouses. Needless to say, they’ve departed with huge smiles on their countenances. Our elated clients have trusted us to deliver exquisite jewellery each time they visit. We haven’t disappointed them even once.

Unique Engagement Ring
Whether you’re looking for an extraordinary ring that’ll make your loved one’s face light up or maybe a unique wedding band for your big day, visit our shop or contact us through our official line: 01625 850 545. Our devoted staff will gladly be at your beck and call. You can visit our Poynton showroom at any time between 9.30am and 5 pm. We’re only open from Tuesday to Saturday. We also have another showroom in Stockton Heath, Warrington. Here, you’ll find all kinds of luxurious gems and designer jewellery collections. These include Chronoswiss and Furrer Jacot.
Distance isn’t a huge issue with us since we regularly work remotely with many of our clients to create their unique engagement rings and jewellery. Therefore, don’t be worried if you can’t make it to our workshop. Share all your ideas with us and our goldsmiths will expertly design the pieces you need and send them to you via the internet. You can then decide whether to continue with the crafting part or you’d like a different design. We won’t tire to listen to your thoughts. You can also write to us using our email address: For any further information concerning our unique engagement rings and bespoke pieces, visit our website: