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Bespoke, unique Russian Doll pendant

Gold Russian Doll pendantAs a celebration of all that family means, this bespoke, unique Russian doll pendant is rather special.

Our client came to us with the idea of having a gold pendant made that contained a representation of each member of her family: herself, her husband and their three precious children.

Russian Doll Pendant 4 crop

She knew what she wanted in theory, but had no clear concept of how it might work in practice.  This is where the skill and creativity of a great goldsmith, like our very own Christopher Evans, comes into its own.

Sketching and creating ideas as they talked, Chris came up with this neat and elegant concept, which was approved with delight by our thrilled client.  After pencil drawings are made, the next stage is to take it to CAD design, to create 3D images that allow the client to appreciate just how the finished piece will look.

She was immediately very happy to proceed and we went on to create her unique pendant, a lasting symbol of the love and happiness her family bring her, in 18 karat yellow gold.

This pendant is worn every single day, with pride and joy…and we’re proud too that we were able to make yet another client’s dream come true.

That’s the whole joy of choosing to go bespoke, right there in a nutshell – or indeed a very tiny gold figurine!

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