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Bespoke jewellery design

Bespoke jewellery designed and made in Cheshire

Our goldsmith, working on a gold bracelet commissioned by one of our clients.We design and make, on our own premises, stunning, individual pieces of bespoke jewellery commissioned by our clients for reasons as far ranging as weddings and anniversaries, the birth of a child, in memory of a loved one lost, or even just because.

The process of creating a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery is simple and we walk with you every step of the way; working to your budget, we’ll help you choose your design, select your stones and precious metals and create a unique, individual piece you’ll love forever.

Whether you are searching for a really unusual engagement ring, wedding bands that are unique to you and your husband or want to have vintage or bequeathed items up-cycled into something beautiful and unique you can wear every day, call us.


Distance no object

Bespoke white gold and diamond ringDistance is no object and we often work remotely with clients who commission us to create bespoke jewellery pieces. One of our clients and his fiancée, who crew on yachts all around the world, visited our Poynton showroom and asked us to craft a unique engagement ring and wedding band set. We sent our designs over the internet to our client who signed them off from a yacht on the Indian Ocean.  Because we work with the very latest in design technology, our client could be sure that what they saw was what they would get.  Upon collection, they were thrilled, but not at all surprised.

Working via the internet worried me but everything was fine.  I adore the rings; they fit perfectly and everyone who sees them is just wowed by them.”  Michelle, from the South of France.


A diamond and sapphire dress ring created from stones taken from bequeathed pieces too small to wearSomething new

We’re often asked by clients to work with jewellery that belonged to a loved one to create something new, that they can wear in celebration and remembrance every day.  One client wanted to us to design and make a new piece using a sapphire left to her by her grandmother, two of her late mother’s rings and a diamond of her own. The result was a stunning and unique ring set with all the gemstones and memories so precious to her.



I trusted Christopher’s judgement and I’m so glad I did.  I wear the ring every day and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  I get so many compliments about it too!” Sharon, Poynton.

bespoke-gift-ideasAcorn antics

John commissioned Christopher Evans to create this beautiful acorn pendant in white and yellow gold, encrusted with diamonds, for his wife Nicola as the perfect way to celebrate her 4oth birthday and say thank you for her help and support in building their Hazel Grove business, Acorn Environment Services.  Nicola wears the pendant every day and says she loves it not just because it’s gorgeous, but because it’s totally unique and means something special to both of them.

The service offered by Christopher Evans was outstanding.  They were great to work with and I could tell they were as passionate about the product as I was.   John, Hazel Grove.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 09.05.16Bee unique

Chris and his team love the challenge of making a client’s dreams come true and husband and wife Martin and Margaret have been so pleased with the pieces designed for them that they have built up a whole collection.  The latest creation crafted at Christopher Evans is a gorgeous worker bee on a golden honeycomb frame.

I can’t recommend enough having your own jewellery made.   I want to wear pieces that stand out from the crowd.  Each piece I own tells a little of my story and every one is unique.  Margaret, Cheshire.