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Lydia’s Bees

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Solid silver with yellow gold bee jewellery bee pendant

Lydia’s Bees is a unique collection of bee jewellery inspired by our very own British honeybee.

Christopher was inspired to create his bee jewellery collection in 2017, after being asked to create a very special design for a very special young woman, Lydia.  On the cusp of adulthood, her parents wanted to gift her with a piece of jewellery that summed up her own, unique personality.  Lydia has a passion for British wildlife, and a particular fondness for the honeybee.  Her enjoyment of this often overlooked marvel of nature stems not simply from its beauty, but also from its constant industry and its total commitment to the society in which it lives and serves.

Christopher created a unique piece for Lydia, then, inspired by what he learned about the honeybee during his research, went on to design the first bee jewellery piece – the bee pendant – in what we hope will become an entire series of reflections on our native wildlife: the birds and bees that surround us, serve us and, now, inspire us.

Bee jewellery: silver bee & pollen grain ringOur bee jewellery collection

Our first bee jewellery design is a delicate rendering of a worker bee, brilliantly recreated by Christopher Evans.  This bee has been crafted into several forms, from a mini bee pendant to a large bee pendant, in silver, yellow and rose gold.

We have designed earrings, bracelets and rings to accompany our bee jewellery collection, all of which can be found for purchase on our Lydia’s Bees website.