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Men's engagement ring

Men’s Engagement rings – at last!

Men’s engagement rings are, at last, a thing. For some years now we’ve pondered on the reasons why more men don’t celebrate their engagement with a piece of jewellery – and here’s what we’ve come up with. Why are men’s engagement rings a rarity? Engagement rings date back to ancient times and traditionally have been […]

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Chrysoprase oval cabochone

The alternative birthstone for May is Chrysoprase

Every month has its birthstone, and most have two.  For May, the birthstone most commonly accepted is the emerald, but there is a second birthstone for May – Chrysoprase. Chrsyoprase is very much a lesser known gemstone, but it’s no ugly sister.  Usually apple green in colour, it can be found in deep dark green […]

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White emerald cut diamond bespoke engagement ring

How to choose the right engagement ring

You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with…so now it’s time to seal the deal (or put a ring on it, as the song says).  But just how do you choose the right engagement ring? We suggest that you start with the basics.  Ask your partner what she […]

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Cut bloodstone

The birthstone for March is also the bloodstone

Most months have two birthstones associated with them, and both are usually already well known.  For March, there is the delightful pale blue aquamarine, but the birthstone for March is also the bloodstone, which is really not well known at all. The bloodstone is a dark green stone flecked with spots and spatters of dark […]

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Garnet is the birthstone for Capricorn

Garnet: birthstone for Capricorns

My sister was born in January and the birthstone for Capricorns is the garnet.  The first time I heard of the gemstone garnet was when I asked my grandmother if her engagement ring had a ruby in it. “No, love,” she replied. “It’s just a garnet.” From then on, I thought of garnets as being […]

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Art Nouveau brooch - enamel and pearl mistletoe by Henry Vever

Art Nouveau Jewellery

We’re all familiar with the term Art Nouveau, but what does it actually mean? The Art Nouveau style arrived by storm and left just as abruptly, with a clearly defined time period between 1890 and the start of World War I in 1914.  Art Nouveau as an art form influenced almost every creative media of […]

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Animal inspired jewellery

Birds, beasts and butterflies: going back to the earliest days, animal inspired jewellery has been adored by men and women across the globe. Since man started using his talents to create art, from the earliest rock and cave paintings to the most modern of art and design, he has been inspired by the animal form. […]

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Bespoke made oval diamond cluster ring

Five diamond myths we want to put right

Of all the gemstones there are, the diamond is probably the one we all bring to mind when thinking of precious gems, so it’s no surprise that over the years certain diamond myths have grown up around them, which we’re going to put right here.  Diamond myth 1. Bigger diamonds are always better No no […]

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