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Bespoke Jewellery

Christopher Evans Goldsmiths is the perfect place to come if you’re looking to have a beautiful piece of bespoke jewellery hand-crafted for a special occasion. We work with customers to make original, bespoke engagement rings, bespoke necklaces, pendants  and more for those occasions that are truly special. When an item of jewellery that’s produced in the thousands just won’t do, and you need an extra special piece, why not create a bespoke jewellery piece with our team?

Here are just a few examples of the unique jewellery that our goldsmith Christopher and his expert team have hand-crafted for our customers.

Aquamarine & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke aquamarine and diamond ring
Aquamarine and diamond bespoke made ring
Aquamarine and diamond art deco bespoke ring
White gold aquamarine bespoke ring
Aquamarine bespoke necklace
Cushion cut bespoke ring with aquamarine and diamond

Tourmaline & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

Chequerboard green tourmaline
green tourmaline bespoke ring
Tourmaline and diamond vintage bespoke made ring
00104705 Oval Chequorboard Cut Pink Tourmaline Ring £2420 1
Bespoke trillion cut pink tourmaline pendant with white diamonds
00104903 18W 10.20ct Red Tourmaline & Dia .61ct Ring £10800 1

Sapphire & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

00104681 3.72ct Natural Blue Sapphire & .84ct Diamond Ring
00100457 18WY 2.68ct Emerald Cut Sapph & .91ct Baguette Cut Dia Ring
00103390-18W Pear Shape Sapphie & Dia Ring
00103832 18W .81ct Yellow Sapph & .50ct Dia Cluster Ring £1875.00 1
00102909 2.43ct Orange Sapphire & .35ct Dia Cluster Ring £2450.00 1
00104443 Blue Star Sapphire, Orange Sapphire & .48ct Dia. Ring £4755.00 1
00104435 18W 1.60ct Sapphire & .92ct Dia 5 Stone Ring £5250.00 1
00104413 18WY 5.38ct Sapph & 1.09ct Dia Ring
00103997 18WY Purple Sapph & Dia Ring £750.00 1
00104442 18W 1.60ct Purple Sapphire & .92ct Dia 5 Stone Ring £5250.00 1
00104683 1.27ct Padrashana Sapphire & .53ct Diamond Cluster Ring £3415.00 1
00103395 18W .54ct Pink Sapphire & .26ct Diamond Ring £1520.00 1

Ruby & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke custom made ring with rubies and diamonds
Natural ruby in 18c white gold with diamonds flanking
Bespoke rind in art deco style with ruby and diamond
Ruby and diamond bespoke bracelet
Ruby and diamond bespoke bangle

Emerald & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

00101076 Platinum Emerald and Diamond 5 Stone £6900 1
00101719 18YWG Emerald and Diamond 3 Stone £4650 1
00101729 18W Emerald and Diamond 3 Stone £5285 1

Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Bespoke made oval diamond cluster ring
Custom designed ring with large diamond and cluster diamond surround
Oval diamond halo cluster bespoke ring
Bespoke platinum and diamond ring
White emerald cut diamond bespoke engagement ring
Custom bespoke ring with princess cut diamond and diamond shoulders
Bespoke engagement ring in champagne gold with diamonds
Emerald cut diamond with purple sapphire shoulders bespoke ring
Bespoke emerald and yellow diamond ring
bespoke made diamond ring
bespoke custom made diamond engagement ring
Bespoke twist diamond ring
Bespoke jewellery 5 diamond wave ring
Custom made multi rail two colour ring with diamonds
Bespoke jewellery ring with four diamonds and multi rails
an original diamond ring design by Christopher Evans
Custom made diamond buckle ring
Bespoke diamond band ring

Gemstone & Diamond Bespoke Jewellery

A bespoke imperial topaz and diamond ring
00102723 Sugar Loaf Spessartite Garnet, Orange Sapph & .45ct Dia Ring £3750.00 1
00104434 Bespoke Crystal Opal & Diamond Ring Front 1

Custom Bespoke Jewellery, Hand Made In Cheshire

There’s nothing more special than a custom designed piece of bespoke jewellery for that special occasion. Many of our custom jewellery orders are for unique engagement rings, custom-made wedding rings or special anniversary gifts.

Our team are happy to work with your vision for your custom-made jewellery pieces and will go the extra mile to help you if you’re unsure about your design ideas.

The process of working with us to design your bespoke jewellery couldn’t be simpler. We provide detailed images, CAD drawings and 3D visualisations along the way to ensure your custom jewellery is exactly what you’re looking for.

We’re ready to help you design and create something very special, so either visit us at our locations in Poynton or Warrington, or contact us online to start off the process of designing your new unique jewellery today.