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Nitza earrings, with white diamonda and blue sapphires set in 18k gold with blue rhodium plate

Spotlight on…Neha Dani

We have talked in the past about some of most extraordinary and rightly famous jewellery designers of times past and present, but this time we want to throw the spotlight on the relatively unknown Neha Dani, who has followed a career in gemmology and jewellery design that has taken her across three continents and today […]

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Bespoke made oval diamond cluster ring

What is carat weight?

You’ve all heard it, or said it, when a friend presents her new diamond engagement ring: ‘how many carats is it?’  and then we breathlessly hang on the answer.  But what does it mean? What is carat weight?  And why is carat weight important? Diamond weight is stated in metric measurements called carats. One carat […]

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The jewels of Marie Antoinette

When we think of Marie Antoinette we think of her dedication to hedonism, her doomed flight from Paris in the dead of night, her execution by Guillotine and, of course – “let them eat cake.” However, as a Queen of France, centre of the fashion universe and renowned for her love of spending money, perhaps […]

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an example of imperial topaz

Topaz, the birthstone for November

Actually, it’s not entirely accurate to call topaz the birthstone for November, as there are in fact two birthstones for this chilly, damp month – topaz and citrine.  In which case we ought perhaps to say topaz is a birthstone for November.  Both are golden sunny stones of course, but both have different histories and […]

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emerald and diamond earrings

Beyoncé: bring on the bling

Beyoncé has created for herself quite an extraordinary collection of fabulous jewellery, and when it comes to style, well, she likes it big. This is not a woman who does subtle, and who can blame her – her talent is towering, her attitude to life is fierce and her success is global. The scene was […]

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art deco the most popular engagement ring style for 2018

Most popular engagement ring style for 2018

The award for the most popular engagement ring style for 2018 goes to….drum roll please…the ART DECO inspired ring! According to Pinterest (and let’s face it, they’d know) the modern bride-to-be is turning away from the traditional, single stone diamond ring and looking for something a little more unusual. Pinterest is, of course, the most […]

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Carnelian – An alternative birthstone for July

July is well served by birthstones.  As well as the ruby, the most well-known birthstone for July, there is Carnelian.  This is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in an array of dazzling orange reds, sometimes striped with white.  Very pretty! Carnelian is not a stone that can be sharply faceted, like a diamond or a […]

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Custom designed very unusual engagement ring made with jacinth zircon and white diamonds

Jacinth Zircon | A very unusual engagement ring

Jacinth zircon is a stunning golden orange toned gemstone rarely seen, but with an ancient provenance and makes a fabulous, unique and very unusual engagement ring stone. Kate turned 50 last October, and her husband Mike wanted to mark the occasion with something rather special, something – if possible – unique.  He’d been considering ‘upgrading’ […]

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