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The alternative birthstone for May is Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase uncut gemstone exampleEvery month has its birthstone, and most have two.  For May, the birthstone most commonly accepted is the emerald, but there is a second birthstone for May – Chrysoprase.

Chrsyoprase is very much a lesser known gemstone, but it’s no ugly sister.  Usually apple green in colour, it can be found in deep dark green too and often has beautiful veins running through it, which are visible in larger pieces.

It’s a non-translucent gemstone, which means that it doesn’t have the dazzle and sparkle of those gems we more immediately think of as ‘precious’, but its fabulous colour has made it a popular gemstone throughout the ages; indeed, the word chrysoprase comes from the Greek χρυσός chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and πράσινον prasinon, meaning ‘green’.

Healing crystals: Chrysoprase

For those who believe in the healing power of crystals, crysoprase is certainly a powerful gemstone.

It is believed to promote joy and happiness, while healing the heart of depression and anxiety.  It is worn to attract new love, abundance and prosperity, will promote feelings of love and of forgiveness and releases ego-based negativity associated with clingy, or co-dependent, relationships.  We don’t really know about this, of course, as we’re just here for the beauty of the stone!

Chrysoprase is most often made into small beads, for necklaces, earrings and rings, and polished rather than faceted.  Its vibrant colour makes it a popular choice for summer jewellery – and is perfect for May of course.

Chrysoprase oval cabochonePerfect for men!

The wearing of birthstones is most often associated with women – most are sparkly and bright, of course – but we think this one would make a stunning gift for a man.  How about a pair of cufflinks?  Or a retro-style signet ring?  Lapel pin, anybody?

It’s a sadness for us that so far nobody has asked us to design and make a piece of jewellery with chrysoprase – but maybe that’s about to change…