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A list of birthstones in the UK

Every month has its own stone, precious or semi-precious, that by ancient wisdom give an indication of the wearer’s personality. Our goldsmiths, working from our stores in Cheshire, have created some fabulous bespoke pieces using birthstones and you don’t need to spend a fortune to create something truly unique that will be treasured forever. Many […]

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Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List

There’s a gemstone to celebrate every wedding anniversary and the Wedding Anniversary Gemstone List below details these.  However, the joy of both precious and semi-precious gems is that many come in a whole range of unexpected colours. So, if you want a pretty pair of earrings or a pendant for your 2nd wedding anniversary, but […]

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Collector’s Stones

What Are Collector’s Stones? Gemstones, whether precious or semi-precious, are a thing of beauty and as such have become collectable in their own right – and when beauty and rarity combine then they become a valuable investment for your future, or that of your loved ones. Which Gemstones should you collect? The ‘Big Four’ – […]

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