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Matt & Lauren with the bespoke diamond engagement ring

A New York proposal with a bespoke diamond engagement ring

We love happy endings and hear about more than a few, and here’s one we’d like to share with you. Customer Matthew Heathcoat wanted to propose to girlfriend Lauren, and wanted to do it in style, with a bespoke diamond engagement ring designed using everything he knew about the likes and dislikes of the woman […]

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Coloured diamonds in blue, canary yellow, green and pink

Coloured diamonds

Known in the trade as fancy colour diamonds, these are the rarest and most valuable of diamonds.  As with all gemstones, the 4 C’s come into play when assessing and valuing coloured diamonds; here’s a brief explanation of how it all works. Colour In diamonds, rarity equals value. With coloured diamonds – the ones outside […]

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Spotlight on: Alexandre Reza

When talking jewellery designers of note, we automatically conjure names such as Tiffany, Harry Winston, Graf, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels…and of course our own Mr Christopher Evans! One name that, sadly, rarely comes to light is that of Alexandre Reza, the Russian-French jeweller who died earlier this year, leaving behind him an extraordinary collection […]

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La Peregrina: the wanderer pearl

One of the birthstones for June is the pearl.  Not technically a gemstone of course, still this beautiful work of nature adorns many women, coming as it does in many shapes, sizes, colours and prices!  Perhaps the most famous, certainly in terms of longevity, is La Peregrina, the wanderer pearl. First discovered in the middle […]

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Moonstone and diamond cocktail ring

The birthstone for June is the moonstone

Ask what the birthstone for June is and you may hear three different answers.  The June birthstone is often listed as the moonstone, the pearl and Alexandrite. Here at Christopher Evans in Cheshire we love the moonstone. Its mysterious silver glimmer looks utterly beautiful set singly, with white diamonds or with soft coloured gems such […]

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A diamond and sapphire dress ring created from stones taken from bequeathed pieces too small to wear

Bespoke Jewellery in the North West

Here at Christopher Evans Goldsmiths we have three goldsmiths who work on the premises making bespoke jewellery for clients across the North West. Our goldsmiths love custom designing and hand-making bespoke jewellery for customers. We’ll help you choose your design, select your stones and precious metals and create a unique, individual piece — just for you. […]

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A diamond is…

The concept of a diamond engagement ring, the glowing solitaire proudly displayed for friends and family to gasp over, is a relatively new one, in jewellery terms. In fact, it’s probably one of the most successful marketing stories of all time.  Positively genius, we say would say. A diamond is not a rare gemstone. The […]

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Richard Burton bought the Taylor Burton diamond for his wife Elizabeth Tayllor

The 5 most fabulous diamonds in the world

Just because it’s big it doesn’t mean it’s beautiful, so here’s our list of what we believe to be the 5 most fabulous diamonds in the world today – as yet discovered, that is… The Great Star of Africa At 530.20 carats, the Cullinan I – or Great Star of Africa – diamond is the […]

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Nicky Acton and the Greenhough Trophy

Greenhough Trophy 2016

Simply the best: Nicky Acton, the linchpin around whom our Poynton store revolves, has been awarded the highest possible industry accolade for her outstanding performance in her studies for the Professional Jewellers Diploma, The Greenhough Trophy. The NAG Professional Jewellers’ Diploma has long been seen as the industry gold standard.  First presented in 1946, the […]

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Leo Wittwer Amethyst and diamond dress ring

The February birthstone is the amethyst

The February birthstone is the amethyst and while it always has to be purple, there are many and varied shades to choose from, from palest lilac to deepest violet. Since ancient times this semi-precious purple gemstone has been associated with wisdom, spirituality, piety and sobriety.  Indeed, the ancient Greeks believed that the amethyst could protect […]

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