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Van Cleef Mystery Set necklace

Spotlight on…Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels are globally renowned designer makers of the most exquisite, imaginative timepieces and jewellery. The jewellery house was founded following the marriage of Alfred van Cleef and Estelle Arpels.  Alfred was the son of a gemstone cutter and Estelle the daughter of a dealer in precious gems. In 1906, Alfred joined forces […]

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Purple sapphire with white diamonds in 18k white and yellow gold

Choosing a gemstone

When choosing a gemstone, whether this is for an engagement ring, when you’re designing a special and unique piece, or even to replace a lost stone, it can be a daunting task. How to buy a gemstone isn’t something you can simply Google and expect to become an instant expert, but there are some things […]

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From Cascade by Fei Liu, a ring in sterling silver with rhodium vermail and pave set with cubic zirconia

Spotlight on…Fei Liu

We’re delighted to carry the silver collections by Fei Liu Fine Jewellery, a designer jewellery brand we fell for the moment we discovered it. Born in China and now a UK resident, Mr Fei Liu creates stunning fine and silver jewellery with an unmistakeably oriental delicacy, informed by contemporary western design DNA.  Every piece is […]

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What is a birthstone?

We have often been asked, “what is a birthstone?”  So we thought we’d have a little look into it! Each month has had a precious or semi-precious gem allocated to it, which is considered our birthstone, but this is a relatively modern practice. The notion of ‘birthstones’ actually ties back to the time when astronomy […]

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Your bespoke jewellery

Having bespoke jewellery designed and made just for you seems like something only the super-rich can do, yes?  Well, you mustn’t think like that, as a wholly unique piece of bespoke jewellery, made just for you to your design is also made just for you to your budget. Gemstones come in every shape, size and […]

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Gold Russian Doll pendant

Bespoke, unique Russian Doll pendant

As a celebration of all that family means, this bespoke, unique Russian doll pendant is rather special. Our client came to us with the idea of having a gold pendant made that contained a representation of each member of her family: herself, her husband and their three precious children. She knew what she wanted in […]

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Red as a ruby spinel

What is spinel?

When you think of red gemstones the first one to spring to mind is the ruby, naturally.  This gemstone is one of the rarest and most valuable, by carat weight, of all precious gems however, which pushes it out of reach of many budgets.  You might therefore want to consider spinel as an alternative. What […]

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Imperial topaz and diamond ring

The birthstone for November is topaz

The birthstone for November is topaz The birthstone for November is the topaz.  Although best known for its golden brown variant, it actually comes in a range of colours: blue, pale green, varying shades of yellow, pink, red, brown and even black. The name topaz comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘fire.’  According to ancient […]

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Matt & Lauren with the bespoke diamond engagement ring

A New York proposal with a bespoke diamond engagement ring

We love happy endings and hear about more than a few, and here’s one we’d like to share with you. Customer Matthew Heathcoat wanted to propose to girlfriend Lauren, and wanted to do it in style, with a bespoke diamond engagement ring designed using everything he knew about the likes and dislikes of the woman […]

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Coloured diamonds in blue, canary yellow, green and pink

Coloured diamonds

Known in the trade as fancy colour diamonds, these are the rarest and most valuable of diamonds.  As with all gemstones, the 4 C’s come into play when assessing and valuing coloured diamonds; here’s a brief explanation of how it all works. Colour In diamonds, rarity equals value. With coloured diamonds – the ones outside […]

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