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Your bespoke jewellery

Green Tourmaline in 18 carat yellow gold, double banded ring with grain set diamonds to one band.Having bespoke jewellery designed and made just for you seems like something only the super-rich can do, yes?  Well, you mustn’t think like that, as a wholly unique piece of bespoke jewellery, made just for you to your design is also made just for you to your budget.

Gemstones come in every shape, size and shade and there are many, many fabulous alternatives to the most well-known and highly priced gems everybody is aware of.   Want pink?  Well, as well as pink diamonds you can choose a sapphire or a tourmaline.  The tourmaline is in fact one of the most versatile semi-precious gemstones we work with, as it comes in every shade of the rainbow.

Pear-shape aquamarine pendant with diamonds.Want red?  Rubies, per carat weight, can cost more than similarly sized diamonds – but spinel is a fabulous gemstone that comes in the richest shades of red (as well as green, violet, blue and more…!)  How about blue? Sapphire or aquamarine?  Lapis lazuli or Tanzanite?  Always dreamed of emeralds?  Maybe choose a peridot or tsavorite instead.

The fabulous, endless dazzling variety of gemstones to choose from is just one thing that makes us love what we do here at Christopher Evans.  There’s always something new to discover, always something we’ve never seen before.

00104442  18W 1.60ct Purple Sapphire & .92ct Dia 5 Stone Ring £5250.00 1As with diamonds, every gemstone is valued on it’s colour, clarity and carat weight – with each stone having it’s own relative value.  This is pretty convenient, as it means you can size up or down, vary the shade or select the cut according to your budget.

And that’s just half the fun – then we get to play with the design! Working with you every step of the way, our designers and goldsmiths take (almost) as much pleasure from creating the perfect bespoke piece for you as you take from receiving it…we never tire of that moment when a customer opens the box and smiles with pure joy.

If you think life’s too short for OTC jewellery – call in and see what fun can be had creating something unique, just for you.

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